How To?

Register with a Dentist

It makes sense to register with a dentist that is local to where you live. However, you do not have to live locally and you may wish to choose a dentist closest to where you work or spend most of your time.

It may also not be possible to register with your most local dentist, as there is only a certain number of patients each dentist can accept. 

For information on how to find your local dentist click click here.

To register with a dentist is free of charge but for dental treatment even on the NHS you are required to pay. The treatments go up in Bands:

  • Band 1 - £21.60 for a basic check of teeth, gums and mouth, x-ray, scale and polish if needed, information on how to prevent future problems, application of fluoride and much more listed online.
  • Band 2 - £59.10 which covers all of Band 1 and other dental problems such as fillings, root canal work or tooth removals. Again you will find a full list on the link below.
  • Band 3 - £256.50 for any treatment of Bands 1 & 2 plus crowns, dentures and bridges.

If you chose to go to a private dentist, the charges for treatment may be much higher and will vary from dentist to dentist.

Emergency Treatment

If you need urgent dental care and are not registered with an NHS dentist you can book an urgent pain relief appointment by calling the NHS Dental helpline on 0845 120 6680.

Whether you are NHS, private, do not currently have a dentist, or are just visiting the area you can also contact the NHS Dental Helpline for the dental out of hours emergency service on 0845 120 6680.