Emergency Help & Advice

Food Banks

Food banks are not-for-profit organisations that give food to people who are struggling to afford enough to eat. Food with a long shelf life (tinned food, powered milk, pasta etc), is collected through donations, then sorted and stored.

The food is given to people who have recieved a voucher, usually from a support worker, housing officer or Probation Officer. This voucher can be taken to a local foodbank and exchanged for an emergency food parcel.

Below is a list of foobank services in the Northants Region:

Northampton Foodbank

Spencer Bridge Foodbank

Telephone:01604 402150

Email: info@spencerbridge.foodbank.org.uk

Wellingborough Foodbank

Telephone: 01933 446494

Email: foodbank@daylightcf.org

Towcester Foodbank

Telephone: 07724 832043

Email: info@towcester.foodbank.org.uk

East Northants Foodbank

Telephone: 01933 418002

Daventry Foodbank

Telephone: 01327 577851

Email: foodbank@vineyardcommunity.org.uk

Brackley Foodbank

Telephone: 01869 810687

Kettering Foodbank

Telephone: 07943 866751

Email: ketteringfoodbank@gmail.com

Alternatively, you can click the following link to view the Trussell Trust website.

You can also contact the free Shelter Helpline on 0808 800 4444.