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About AIM

The AIM (Achieve, Inspire, Maintain) Team was launched in October 2017. Originally an Integrated Offender Management Team. We work with ex offenders to support their desistance from crime thereby reducing offending and protecting the people of Northamptonshire from harm. Our latest project is CIRV - Community Initiative to Reduce Violence and we launch this programme in January 2019. Please see our CIRV page for more details.

The AIM team officers (Navigators) work with ex-offenders to support their desistance from crime which will reduce offending and protect the people of Northamptonshire from harm.

We do this by building strong relationships with those individuals who wish to change by being clear, consistent, honest, supportive and fair.

We support those who genuinely wish to stop offending by addressing each individuals offending pathways and personal vulnerabilities and guiding them around the obstacles they may face.

The AIM team inspires people to achieve the benefits a crime free life can bring to them (and those around them) and assist them to maintain this.  We are navigators whilst encouraging them to "Steer their own ship", making their own choices so that engagement prepares them to leave the programme with the resilience and life skills to stay crime free.

We AIM to break the cycle of offending and our successes will make a real difference in helping to take the next generation out of crime.

The AIM team is a new way of working.  It turns hopes of rehabilitation into belief in the same and ultimately into reality.

Sustainable employment will be an achieveable end goal and a measure of success because this cannot be reached with first maintaining a degree of stability.

Our team are motivated, creative, focussed and dedicated to rehabiitating our cohort.  We actively look for new opportunities and we support and encourage attendance at AIM Intiatives. We go the extra mile to support that persons desistance. Navigators take personal ownership for the management of each of their ex-offenders and this includes the managament of their risk, sharing of intelligence with other departments and agencies and the timeliness of moving that person  to the disruption side of the business if necessary.

Those who persist in offending or refuse the support offered are disrupted with the same vigour. 

About AIM Resources

  1. PDF Document

    AIM Newsletter January 2019

    Created: 14/01/2019
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    AIM Newsletter January 2019

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  2. PDF Document

    AIM Newsletter February 2019

    Created: 15/02/2019
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    AIM Newsletter February 2019

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  3. Word Document

    Signs of Gang Involvement

    Created: 26/02/2019
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    Signs of Gang Involvement Document - Please use this document if you are a professional or a parent to understand the signs of gang involvement and to help you with the referral you may go on to complete to CIRV.

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